Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fortune Cookie

Today, the wife and I sat at the Toyota dealership as we waited to get both cars' oil changed.
We lounged in the lobby, drinking our Starbucks, sitting next to a table with two Oriental ladies.
Andrea became nervous as I was questioning her as to where she thought the were from. (Japan, China, or Korea) - although "Toyota" probably should have given it away...

I became (apparently) too audible for her liking as she kept shh-Shing me.
My tactics were harmless. And not at ALL racist. (I find that if you say "I'm not being racist" - that excuses you from any accusation) that's what I've learned from Hollywood. :-)

We were given complimentary chocolate chip cookies and, to determine if they were Chinese, I was audibly asking "I wonder if there is a fortune in here" - had there been it would have probably read "you will soon find yourself with diabetes."
I Got shh'd.

I was googling how to say " hello" in Japanese, and tried to trick Andrea into saying the following phrase. "What does this mean 'coon e cheewah'?"
She did not fall for it.
Got shh'd again.

I did not have a chance to a venture into any Korean inquisition as we had to leave.

I suppose it is not easy being out and about with me as I have the ability to speak. 

However, just before we had to leave, the service person walked over towards us with a confused face. He looked right at us and said "sorry, thought you were someone else behind the plant."
(There was a 9 inch plant at the table (large enough to disguise me, apparently)

I thought "who did he think I was?" A florist? Funeral director? A jungle cat?!

As were were checking out, the same guy came back up and said "oh, that WAS you" "I saw you on the other side of the plant" - which means he has x-ray vision...he's just not good at recognizing who he sees.....much like the Oriental friends we did not meet. I did, however, come up with a BRIILIANT way to ask without offending.

I will simply say "what color is your flag?"

~ note to self: learn what a Japanese, Chinese, and Korean flag looks like!!

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